SS1.0 Crypto Currency Trading System light

SS1.0 Crypto Currency Trading System

Bitcoin BTCUSD SS1.0 System Performance Results

SS1.0 Crypto Currency Trading System Bitcoin


Start January 1 2021:  +2183 + 4229- 682+ 3274+ 2801+ 4911+ 4092+ 7639+ 1092+ 9004+ 273+ 3684+ 2319+ 1091+ 3684- 827+ 368+ 1379+ 1470- 1470+ 1195- 2113- 1378+ 9464+ 3032+ 2481- 1287+ 2113- 92+ 3216+ 3584+ 3124 = $73,853 per coin.   Last Update Stopped at Oct 17 2021

And that's more profit  then the current value of Bitcoin at $61,538.97 per coin. Buy and hold to oct 17 2021 comes out to only:  (61538.97- 28999.63) = + $28,999.63 with a buy-and-hold from the beginning of the year of 2021 to October 17th 2021 which is the last update posted here.  The buy and hold profits of  $28,999.63 / coin is nice but doesn't even match the SS1.0 Results, when playing upside trades only of $61,538.97 per coin. 

Sometimes buy and hold can rocked upwards.  But imaging making $61,538.97 per coin when Bit Coin or any other crypto goes down or stays the same! Hmmm now that's interesting isn't it!  That's the power of systems trading.  

So consider having a certain amount of funds allocated for investing.  And then having a certain amount of funds allocated for cash flow generation trading. 

Plus,  SS1.0 or CATAPULT system will give you an exact plan of what to do if a crypto currency starts a new surge. You'll have a clear cut method of profit taking and you'll also have a method to jump back into the markets if you a. missed the initial move  b. after the big move the crypto's price action will likely be wild for quite some time, and you can take advantage of that with SS1.o Crypto Currency Trading System or CATAPULT Crypto Currency Trading System!

XRP Ripple SS1.0 System Performance Results

XRP Ripple SS1.0 System Performance Results

Ripple XRP SS1.0 System Performance Results

Starting January 1st 2021 XRP performance sample with Crypto Currency Trading System SS1.0:  .07+.11+.17-.06-.11+.03+.07+.01+1.06-.25+.07-.03-.17+.03+.06+.01-.03-.05+.14+.47+.23 = 1.83 net as of Sept 6 2021  Start Jan 1 2021

Starting Price: On January 1, 2021 was .23746 with a +1.83 net profit.  Total return to starting price by Sep 6  =770%

Verses Buy and Hold:  Starting price .2376 Close on Sept 6 1.39063 = 585% return which is great but buy and hold returns only work when prices go way up and financial instruments only do that so often.  And that's why systems trading is so important and so powerful. 

Financial instruments do go back and forth and back and forth, up and down, up and down, even while the total price in the underlying asset may stay the same or go down on a yearly basis.  So in the mean time, with SS1.0 Crypto Trading System and or CATAPUT Crypto Trading System, you can profit on every one of those swings upward, making a lot of cash flow, even if your asset goes down! 

  • XRP maybe tiny in price as per when this systems performance sample was taken but tiny in price also means bigger percentage returns.
  • These are buy side trades only.
  • You can use SS1.0 Trading System on any Crypto Currency.
  • As other assets come out that mimc XRP or other cryptocurrencies, then those assets may also allow for trading XRP or other crypto currencies to the downside which can potentially double the profits results you see here.