How to Swing Trade Crypto

How To Swing Trade Crypto.

First Of All Do You Know What Crypto Swing Trading Is?

A lot of people are confused about the different types of swing trading. Then again a lot of people don’t even know that there are different types of swing trading.

And some people confuse swing trading with day trading. You hear it all the time, especially on mainstream media, where the talking heads, who don’t usually know much about what they’re talking about, end up calling swing trading day trading. That’s not good because it creates confusion.

Day trading is traditionally referencing the trading in and out of positions within a day, and then by the end of the day, you’re done . Swing Trading means that most of the time you are holding positions overnight for a couple few days or more.

Now let’s clarify that holding on to a position for the sake of a period of time is a style of trading, but in swing trading, you are usually trading the momentum off of price charts based off of interpreting price action from the price charts.

So therefore, your swing trade could technically be in and out in a day in that you stop out for a loss. But a successful swing trade will last at least two to three days.

Yet you also have micro swing trading which trades on bars that are less than the day bars like 120 minute bars, 60 minute bars 30 minute bars, etc. And for that style of trading, you could be in and out more quickly than trading the day bars.

Micro swing trading offers a world of opportunity that you can’t get on trading the day bars come the traditional day bars Additionally, we can use weekly bars and monthly bars and we could swing trade those and that presents a whole different time parameter and concept of swing trading.

So in short swing trading means that you are trading momentum or you are aiming to trade momentum off of the price charts. There is a wide spectrum of exact definition on swing trading as pertains to time. Swing Trading therefore pertains more to bars and a series. 

So in order to swing trade crypto, you’re going to need an account an exchange or brokerage that will allow you to enter and exit your crypto position as you need to do so. Also you have to consider the costs and the fees involved. So if you are going to be an active trader, such as a swing trader, you’re going to want very low fees and some exchanges charge fees that are pretty expensive. But then again, the traditional brokerage has fees that aren’t so cheap as well with their commissions. It just depends on your broker.  Your fees include commissions and bid ask spread differences and or any premium percent charge added to your trade as many of these crypto exchange brokers do. 

Eventually these expensive fees will likely diminish over time but if you don’t know how to swing trade, then you’re going to need to get a good swing trading system. Fortunately for you, we have many of those really good swing trading systems.

We have swing trading systems to fit different time frame parameters as mentioned above, from micro swing trading all the way on up to monthly bar trading.

The greater time periods like monthly bar and weekly bar trading can offer you a precision entry for taking advantage of bigger trends and hyper rocket like moves that cryptocurrencies have done in the past. Trading the day bars provides you opportunity for more cash flow which you can stack up by swing trading and having many trades that keeps stacking profits into your account.

Often you can do much better swing trading crypto in the long run versus trying to trade some big move because the smaller profits add up and then you start compounding those smaller profits which start growing your trading account at an accelerated rate.

That is called compounding so you can get one of our swing trading systems that give you an exact plan on how to enter and exit to start your own compounding of profits.  You’re going to need an exact plan and exact system to tell you what to do every step of the way.

Additionally, we have crypto swing trading signal services that you can use to follow in real time for entries and exits. Crypto swing trading signal services offer you real time guidance which a lot of people appreciate, especially if they’re starting out.

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