1. If you have XRP already then you would use the XRP Ledger Network that you would find on your “send to” section of your crypto exchange and send it to our “fchain.io” address AND memo. See instructions below
  2. To Buy XRP you can currently buy on Uphold. But DO NOT use the bank ACH method of pulling funds into your account.  Use the credit/debit card version.  Why?  On uphold there is a 65 day hold if you do!   ACH is a problem for these exchanges.  The “Plaid” feature is ACH. Do not use it or you won’t be able to move ACH. 
  3. Note: with the Crypto Payment Version – You’ll see “$0” price or “Free”. It’s Not Free it’s Just How We Can Get You in this Shopping Cart System to then Assign You the Product Manually After You’ve Paid in Crypto. Add your name and product in the crypto payment memo.