CATAPULT Crypto Currency Trading System light

CATAPULT Crypto Currency Trading System

Or Save Big and Buy with Crypto! "Digital Currency".   Save Big Means at the Current Prices of this Typing Betwee, .10 to .30 on XLM or .33 to  1.0 on XRP.
CATAPULT Crypto Currency Trading System Performance Results

Bitcoin BTCUSD CATAPULT System Performance Results

BTCUSD CATAPULT System Performance

Start January 1st 2021 2165 + 4740 - 406 + 2979 + 5011 + 6636 - 2844 + 8938 + 136 + 1084 + 2867 +  1285 -2668 - 2389 + 1470 + 1838  + 6157 + 3125 - 2021 + 1470 - 1286 + 3860 + 2022 = 44,169 stop October 7th 2021

  • Easy trading.
  • Clear signals.
  • Fun to trade.
  • What if you were able to make 44,169 in Bitcoin every ~9 months?  What if you were able to keep a similar level of profiting without having bitcoin or any other crypto currency for that matter while your crypto currency, on buy and hold, went nowhere or even downward for the year?  That would be nice wouldn't it!   And that's an important message we want to get across to crypto investors and crypto traders out there:  Investing is one thing.  Trading is another. It's important to always be running a solid trading system while compounding up those profits over time.   Do you know what compounding is?  It's increasing your position size in proper proportion to the growth of your trading account assuming you are running a consistent trading system.  Then you can start imagining how your trading account starts taking off at a geometric rate, like a fighter jet launching off an air craft carrier, through consistent growth due to that consistent application of that trading system as your position goes from say 1 coin to 2 coins to 4 to 8 to 16 to 32 to 64 to 128 to 256 and on and on and on... It's not "rocket science either", rather it's more cave man in science:  "me account now 2 account big me trade with 2 coin now..." 
  • What if you were able to make 44,169 points in a crypto currency while having the crypto currency end up at about the same price at which you first purchased?  Now that's what we're talking about with systems trading!  Get CATAPULT and start... Catapulting!
  • You should be able to learn this system quick and even put it to work starting tomorrow in that it's a very clear system to trade. 
  • CATAPULT also gives you a mechanism for entry upon any sort of rocket take off in your crypto.   That's super important to be able to know exactly when to enter, to enter smartly (as opposed to buying at the tippy top based on emotions...), to be able to have an exact, very smart and very solid entry point so you can better take full advantage of any hyper moves upwards in crypto currencies.  And yes, this is all based on the price chart.  Don't worry, we'll teach you and make it super easy. 
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  • Can be traded with ANY crypto. 
  • Trades the up side but if you look into trading other assets that model Bitcoin or other crypto currencies that allow you to trade downward moves then you can absolutely use CATAPULT to trade downward moves.